Why Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is an effective, natural carotenoid  with anti-inflammatory effects. It is particularly common in some marine plants (algae). Astaxanthin differs little in its chemical structure from the other carotenoids. But this subtle difference ensures extraordinary abilities that set astaxanthin apart from the properties of the other carotenoids.

It is one of the most powerful and effective antioxidants ever discovered: 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, 800 times stronger than coenzyme Q10, 550 times stronger than vitamin E.With every study performed our confidence increases that astaxanthin is of great importance in anti-aging medicine.

Scientific data on astaxanthin

  • Natural antioxidant
  • Repairs UV-induced DNA damage of your skin
  • Creates a synergistic effect with other pharmacological components
  • Achieves effects to minimize pigmentation and freckles
  • Makes your skin elastic by promoting collagen formation
  • Induces fibroblast growth factors to protect your skin